Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Forthcoming book on the Boston process approach to neuropsychological assessment

Over the past two years, my interest in neuropsychology and the assessment of executive functioning has increased. As I was searching the web for related topics the other day, I ran across this book, which is scheduled to be published in the next couple of days, and looks to be excellent.

The phrase Boston Process Approach refers to a particular approach to neuro-psychological assessment developed by Edith Kaplan. In contrast to traditional models of assessment, which focus on "achievement" (i.e., whether or not an individual can complete an assessment task), the Boston Process Approach focuses on "process" (i.e., the process through which an individual goes in order to complete an assessment task).

As I have learned more about the Boston Process Approach to assessment, I have been surprised to learn that many of the techniques I learned for assessing process within the fields of clinical and school psychology have their roots with Kaplan.

This book holds promise for clinical and school psychologists who want to get more from their tried and true tests, and look at assessment through new lenses.

Read more about the book at the publisher's web site:

The Boston Process Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment edited by Lee Ashendorf, Rod Swenson, and David J. Libon (Oxford University Press)

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